Art Centers

Mojacar has always been thought as a place which attracts artist. Over the years,  many painters, photographers, sculptors, musicians and, indeed all kinds of people related to the arts have come to visit, holiday or live in the locality. The light, the beautiful surroundings and the cosmopolitan atmosphere have made it the location for numerous films and publicity sports as well as inspiring all types of artistic expression in the form of concerts, plays, exhibitions, etc..,

It is worth noting that Mojácar is home to numerous cultural associations as well as the important Valparaíso Foundation.

Music and dance are also deeply-rooted here in Mojácar, where depending on the time of year, jazz, eastern dance and classical music rub shoulders.

Mojácar Town Hall, with its special interest in the world of culture, makes a great effort to promote cultural life through a wide range of workshops, courses, exhibitons and activities. Therefore every weekend Mojácar has something to offer all cultural tastes.

Mojacar has two art center in the village.