1 Subject/Theme
The theme of the competition is the Mojácar Fiesta of Moors and Christians, and entries must be taken during the 2019 fiesta. Any aspect of the Fiesta is valid as long as it is in good taste and shows artistic merit and technical quality.
2 Participants
The competition is International. Participants may hold any nationality, whether resident or not in Spain, but must be able to provide a valid and legal identification.
3 Number of photographs
Each participant may present an unlimited number of photographs per category and the judges will select a maximum of 15 photos per participant and category. These finalists will be notified by email or telephone. The photographs presented must be unpublished and not have been entered in any other competition nor published on social networks nor used for publicity.
The photographs must be in JPG format with a minimum size of 3500 pixels on the longest side. They must be of good quality in terms of sharpness and resolution, without pixilation, noise or other digital imperfections.
Technical quality of the photograph will be taken into account, with allowance for a minimum of re-touching of the image, cropping and other classic techniques. Cloning, filters that deform or stray too far from the original image or from a classic photographic image will be rejected, likewise photomontages, digital collages etc. If the judges are in doubt they will have the right to view the original RAW file. They also have the right to disqualify any suspicious image that does not meet the requirements of the competition.
All images must protect the dignity and privacy of any people photographed in a public space according to the law. Photographs in bad taste or that may offend will not be accepted.
Participants who do not meet any of these requirements will automatically be disqualified.
4 Entry. Period and method
The period for entering the photographs is from 17th June to 15th September 2019.
Participant’s photographs must be sent in together using wetransfer through almosaquer@gmail.com by 24.00 on the closing date, and must be accompanied by a text file giving the following details: Name and address, nationality, birth date, DNI/Nie or Passport number, mobile phone number, email and age along with the title of each photograph. Each photograph file must have the same title as the text file and must include the DNI/Nie/Passport number.
The Association promises to take responsible and legal care of the above data, to meet the legal requirements and to destroy data if requested.
5 Categories. There are five categories
• Moors. Where the subject is from a Moorish group.
• Christians. Where the subject is from a Christian group.
• Black and White.
• Open. Any aspect of the Fiesta, unedited and meeting the general rules of the competition
• The Procession rows. Taken during the procession where the subject is the row of Moors or Christians.
6 Judges. The judges panel will be led by the president of the Association of Moors & Christians Al-Mosaquer and consist of professionals and amateur photographers chosen by the Association Al-Mosaquer.
7 Judges decisions.
The competition consists of two phases:
• Phase 1. From all the photographs entered the judges will select a group of finalists by entrant and category. The date for this phase will be 22nd September 2019.
• Phase 2. The judges will choose the winning entries from the group of finalists. The date for this phase will be 30th September 2019
The competition results will be published on the Association’s webpage or Facebook page, the winners having been notified beforehand. The judges’ decision is final. By participating in the competition you agree to abide by the rules. The competition or any of the classes may be declared null and void if the judges decide that the photographs presented do not reach a suitable standard.
8 Prizes
The winner of each of the five categories will receive 200 Euros.
The judges may award a Special Mention title for an outstanding photograph that has not won a prize.
9 Conditions of entry
The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to those photographs that do not comply with the competition rules. The entrant is responsible for ensuring that they have the authorisation of people appearing in their photos and that they respect the intimacy, honour and reputation of their subjects. Where minors are involved the Ley Orgánica 1/1996,de 15 de enero, de Protección Jurídica del Menor must be met.
Participants guarantee that they are the authors of the works entered.
The winners and finalists photos will become the possession of the Association who reserve the rights of reproduction and publication in any format such as posters, catalogues, exhibitions etc… The participants waive their rights over the photographs and are responsible for there being no third party rights.
During the parade on Sunday the photographers participating in the competition may not cross the barriers marking the route (especially in the Plaza Nueva) and must not interfere with the procession in any way.
If you have any doubts or questions about the competition please contact the Association by email
Mojácar May 2019.