Mojácar makes plans for a covid safe All Saints Day.


Mojácar Council’s Public Works Department has been busy getting the local Cemetery ready in time for All Saints Day, a traditional time to visit and pay respect to departed loved ones.

Although maintenance and gardening work is carried out throughout the year, an extra special effort is always made for these important days. This year, there are the new Covid-19 safety measures in line with those necessary for all social activities, such as the use of masks and hydroalcoholic gel, which will be placed at all entrances). Visitors are asked to stay no more than 30 minutes, respecting social distancing, with a maximum of four people together in a group.

The Council will ensure that toilets are kept open, with the cleaning staff on duty from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. to ensure facilities and common areas are pristine. There will not be restrictive opening times and the Cemetery will be open all day, only closing between 11.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m.

The San Agustín Cemetery, previously in the Fuensanta area, moved to its current location at Era del Lugar in 1921.  Its area of 11,770 square metres has been set into separate zones, with paved walkways and gardens, respecting the characteristics of the old mojaquero cemetery.  Unlike most funerary architectural models, it has a square plan and, is tree lined and landscaped in the central areas.  In addition to the constant gardening, there is great attention given to the maintenance of the premises, with increased efforts given in recent years to all the facilities and accesses.

Around 1,300 people rest in the Mojácar Cemetery and there have been necessary extensions made recently, without detracting from its appearance or characteristics. The new funeral trends for cremation have prompted the Council to build a columbarium, to provide a designated place for the ashes of the deceased.

In the peaceful, beautiful setting of the San Agustín Cemetery, you can find a little bit of Mojácar history amongst those of different traditions and customs who rest in harmony together there. All round are the plaques and inscriptions, with symbols and images, that family and friends have made as a posthumous testimony to their days in Mojácar that time cannot erase.