One of the most beautiful villages in Spain

The village

The beauty of the image of Mojácar, a majestic melting pot of a cluster of white houses, clinging to the very end of the Sierra de Cabrera foothills.

Then, once we enter the maze of narrow and beautiful streets, every corner captivates us and shows us both the privacy of the past.


One of the best ways to get know Mojácar is to go up into its sierras and hills via tracks and paths.

From this paths there are views which stay imprinted on the eye due to the special light, the contrast of the hundreds of shades of the blue of the sky and the sea.

Festival and tradition

Mojácar, quiet and calm, becomes very lively during its festivals, in which are evident its past, its culture and the art of its people.

Of special note are Carnival, St. Augustine and Moors and Christians, the latter a very beautiful and colourful re-enactment of historical events.

Mediterranean Beaches

Seventeen kilometres of coastline make Mojácar an ideal place to enjoy its beaches.

Many of them have been awarded the FEE Blue Flag for quality. Practicing water sports and relaxing in protected coves are possibilities which the municipality offers.


Live Mojácar

Moors & Christians

It´s the biggest fiesta, anticipated keenly all year long. The entire town, divide themselves into various guilds, called cábilas, who will parade through the town dressed in costly eyecatching and colourful costumes as Arab or Christians soldiers and captains.

Routes and trails

Sun, mountains and sea are the basic elements of Mojácar´s horizon. Its landscape consists of the rugged peaks of Sierra Cabrera, with abundant  sources of water, slopes, terraced farmland and the coast with its beaches and bays. Enjoy with our routes and trails in nature.

Much to visit

Discover the most beautiful spots and places of Mojácar: viewpoints, historic buildings, beautiful streets, art centers…

Paradise beaches

The southern zone of Mojácar allows for the more adventurous and natural enjoyment of the coastal paradise formed by coves such as Bordenares, El Lance or Cala Granatilla. Protected for practicing naturism, they are immaculate, unspoilt coves with abundant marine life.

The Indalo

The so-called “muñecos mojaqueros” or Mojácar dolls, painted with red clay were a traditional means of protecting the houses and farmhouses of the Sierra de Mojácar. Do you want to know more?

Leisure and events

Fun all year

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Enjoy the sea