Gastronomy in Mojácar Today

Our Cuisine

When a visitor arrives in Mojácar today, they immediately notice the diversity and quality of the menus in the restaurants and bars, a quality which was not handed to us, but which rather was inherited and which has been elaborated on over time.

For some time, the restaurants of Mojácar have been making very significant leaps forward in regards to quality. The presence of well trained professionals, has contributed to this change, plus Mojácar has a very competitive catering college which trains youngsters from all over the area. Aware of the importance of maintaining our culinary heritage, we embrace the authentic flavours of those simple dishes and stews which played a big part in everyday cuisine and which were so loved in past times, and which our visitors remember and look for on their return.

Among these are the “gurullos”, meatball stews, pepper soup, “migas”, rice dishes and even cous-cous, the fruit of our Andalucian heritage.

Mojácar is a tourist village and we should not forget that gastronomy is not only a vital part of the travel experience, but also stimulates the senses. It is down to everyone’s hard work that the gastronomy and dining in general in our municipality are consolidated as an attraction which makes Mojácar stand out as a tourist destination.

Nowadays we know that certain tastes and customs have changed. We are trying culinary influences from other cultures, and the presence of new produce has provided substantial new prime ingredients in certain dishes.

We are marching towards modern, up-to-date and innovative cookery, but still have as a common denominator the availability of local natural produce. Mojácar sits next to the Mediterranean sea, and the high quality of Almería’s fish, vegetables and grains and the olive oil from the region are among the precious treasures converted into delicious dishes.

These dishes are a wonderful accompaniment to travel, as are Almería’s wonderful wines, which compete in the market with the best and most highly awarded.

I would say the most important factor in the high quality of Mojácar’s cuisine is the quality of our produce, its availability, the diversity as an alternative to traditional dishes and the vocation that Mojácar has as village to look after his visitors.

International Cuisine

Despite the importance of the rich and varied fish and seafood in our diet, it is the produce from our market-gardens (potatoes, peppers, onions, tomatoes, lettuces and so on), together with simple preparation, which is perhaps the strongest note in our traditional cuisine. Visitors are often surprised to discover the rich and enjoyable varieties of those easily prepared so-called “poor man´s dishes”.

Mojácar is also a cosmopolitan town, with a truly international flavour reflected in its restaurants, including Chinese, Indian and Italian. And don´t forget to enjoy Mojácar paella!