The Village

Mojácar impresses you at a distance, the majestic assortment of white houses, winding around and clinging onto the foothills of the Sierra de Cabrera is imposing to the traveller. Once inside the labyrinth, you discover a more intimate beauty between the narrow streets, adorned with intensely coloured flowers that stand out against the white walled houses and the intense blue sky. Every corner you turn captivates, reminds you of its Arab history and teaches you about the everyday lives of the townspeople. It is not without good reason that the Old Town is internationally recognized as “One of the most beautiful villages in Spain”.
And, from the viewing points, you can enjoy the most beautiful horizons, both towards the sea and inland

The People

Since ancient times many peoples and cultures have lived in this municipality, an area coveted by all. Mojácar, due to the lookout position of its village, its coast, its mild climate and its current standard of living,is a very appreciated place. Its people have an open and friendly character, used to sharing and chatting with visitors, who in many cases end up as neighbours.


The houses in Mojácar appear tocling to the mountainside creating a great visual impact: the white of the houses, the brown of earth and the blue of the sea and the sky. The roofs are flat or terrace, giving the impression of cubic houses, impenetrable, where from outside tourists cannot see its labyrinthine and steep streets. In the past, people used adobe and stone, forming vaulted ceilings but today, white is the main colour of Mojácar´s architecture.

Mojácar village consists of grouped houses, graduated and adapted to the topography and traditional architecture of the land. The dominance of the mountains on the hollow cubes, forming more or less white monochrome geometric shapes, are some of the aesthetic conditions of the village houses.

The core of recent growth at Mojácar Playa offers some recent buildings, varying from detached single-family houses to groups of properties.