Sport and Healthy

Mojácar invites the practice of sport. Its wide, long beaches are a lure for all lovers of activities involving contact with the sea. One can enjoy the emotion of sailing, speed boats, water skiing, or the passion of fishing, and will be rewarded with the wealth of marine life and the beauty of this part of the Mediterranean coastline. In the clear and transparent waters of its virgin coves there are starfish, snails, sea urchins, octopus, corals and a huge variety of fish, making this an area of particular interest to divers and snorkler.

The consolidation of Mojácar as a sporting destination is based fundamentally on three characteristics: climate, the quality of the facilities and the diversity of the golf courses in the region.  We can go trekking, mountain biking or horseback riding, in a beautiful landscape.

Incorporating sport as one of the new symbols of our cultural identity, combining golf with nature and integrating the courses into the countryside, has without doubt been well worthwhile.


Paddel Surf Mojácar

Phone: 622 654 284
Playa Venta del Bancal
Pedal boat, paddle surf and kayak. 

Diving school Mojácar

Phone: 629 049 229 / 950 472 760
C/ La Mata, 1 local 1.

Sama Sport center.

Phone: 950 169 339
Urbn. Marina de la Torre.
Kayak, rocódromo, paddel surf.

Deep Emotion Diving.

Diving center.

Phone: 608 163 755
Pº. del Mediterráneo, 71 

Mojácar Sport Aventura.

Phone. 627 545 748
Puerto Marina. Ctra. Mojácar to Carboneras
Kayak, boat trip by Cabo de Gata…


Golf  Marina de la torre

Phone: 950 133 235
18 holes

Padel and Tenis

Hotel Marina Playa.

Phone. 950 548 500
+ Info. Hotel Marina Playa
Price. 10€ y 12€ / hour.

Municipal instalations.

Phone: 660 528 852
Paraje de la Mata

Parador de turismo.

Phone. 950 478 250
+ Info. Parador de turismo
Price: 12€ / hour.


Phone. 950 397 000
Hotel Oasis Tropical
+ info, Hotel Oasis Tropical
Price. 6€ y 8€ (with light) / hour.

Other facilities

Horse Ride

Phone. 639 724 521
Cueva del Lobo

Skate board & skating track

Paraje La Mata.

Calistenia Park

Playa del Descargador.

Playa de las Ventanicas.


Phone. 902 333 411 / 902 333 412
Marina de la Torre (behind Marina Mar Hotel) /