“Beautiful, eternal love” and a world record kiss

“Amor Bello y Eterno” is the exclusive creation of the Junior Masterchef contestant, Marta Álvarez, for Mojácar’s most romantic night on June 24, starting at 10 p.m.

This special dessert will be on offer in the town’s restaurants on this special day, when the Association of the Most Beautiful Places in Spain will join the hearts of more than 300 municipalities throughout Europe.

Made with red fruits and other secret ingredients, “Amor Bello y Eterno” will be the prelude to the “The World’s Most Beautiful Kiss”, when every effort will be made to unite a million people in a simultaneous kiss and gain a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

The Mojácar Departments of Tourism and Fiestas, along with the Town’s Merchants Association have organized a multitude of events (as well as extra local buses) for the night of the 24th, which as it coincides with the night of San Juan, is also the most magical night of the year.

Around 1,400 helium balloons will decorate Mojácar’s streets and squares, along with music, romantic menus, fireworks, treats and other surprises that will hopefully turn this first romantic night into an annual event.

It certainly looks like it will be a very successful event as the town’s hotels and restaurants already have many bookings from visitors travelling from all over Spain who are keen to join in the fun.