Mojácar Council organizes active aging workshops

For 2017, workshops have been chosen to cover laughter therapy, dance and physical expression, writing and reflection, cognitive stimulation and games, art therapy and building self-esteem.

The Municipality of Mojácar, in collaboration with the Provincial Delegation of Almería, has launched a series of activities for the over 60s under the banner “Active Aging” within its Promotion and Prevention programme.

In these holistic workshops, the three keystones of aging, namely health, participation in society according to needs and abilities and finally, the safety, protection and care of people who need assistance.

The workshops will be held every Tuesday from 6.15 p.m. until 8.15 p.m. up to the 13th of June in the Adult Education Area, located in the Mojácar Centro de Usos Múltiples.

Ana García, Mojácar Councillor for the Third Age said, “The quality of life of our senior citizens must be an absolute priority, especially in a society with a higher average life expectancy”.

This kind of activity has been developing in the municipality during the last nine years and the level of interest in all the workshops is demonstrated by the high number of participants.

Ana García also considers it very important to support the elderly in what is called active aging, a process of health maintenance as well as promoting greater participation in society, regardless of age, thereby achieving an improvement in the quality of life for both them and their families.

In short, it is not only important to live to a good age, but also to enjoy a good quality of life, fully integrated with society and family.