Mojácar Council sponsors the “Mojaquero Dictionary”

On Saturday April 22, the day before International Book Day, the posthumous work of Esteban Carrillo, “Diccionario Mojaquero”, will be seen for the first time.

The presentation will take place at 8.30 p.m. at Mojácar’s Centro de Usos Múltiples. The Mayor of Mojácar, Rosmarí Cano, the Town’s Councillor for Tourism, Emmanuel Agüero, the book’s publisher, Juan Grima and, the author’s daughter, Elisa Carrillo Ridao will all be present.

The “Diccionario Mojaquero” was the life’s work of its author, who kept a note of the words and expressions used by Mojácar townspeople in the 1950’s and 60’s. In it, the local way of speaking in the town was captured and, now serves as a great contribution to the historical-linguistic and dialectal heritage of Mojácar.

It contains more than 1,500 words, all of which have been cross referenced with official dictionaries and which include their origins, as well as popular phrases or poems illustrative of their use and meaning.

This “Diccionario Mojaquero” is the second publication of the Mojácar collection, sponsored by the Town Council’s Department of Tourism.

The regaining of the Town’s rich history and memories is not only a means for cultural diffusion, it is also a clear commitment by the Council to show their rich heritage. Within the tourism sector it serves as a differentiating element, clearly demonstrating that Mojácar has much more to offer than sunshine and beaches.

After the presentation, there will be a flamenco concert by Juan de Dios Santiago, as well as a glass of Spanish wine for all.