Kitesurf World Champion trains with Osaia Reding in Mojácar

Carlos Mario, current World Freestyle Kitesurfing Champion, has been training in Mojácar with his sports partner and friend Osaïa Reding, our most international Mojaquera, Spanish Champion and World Runner-up Kiteboarder.

“Bebé” or “El Chico Maravilla” (Wonder Boy), as he is affectionately called in Kitesurfing circles is, at just 19 years old, a prodigy on the waves.

Born in Brazil, no one who sees him compete is surprised that he has won the world title, even when he has been the youngest in the competition. Both the amplitude and technical ability of “Bebe” are unrivalled by anyone, setting the bar very high and providing a new standard for future freestyle competitions.

During his stay in Mojácar he has been training Osaïa to perform his new “tricks”, as he calls the exercises or movements he makes on his board. Many of which he has invented and, only he is able to execute. One that particularly stands out is his triple rotation in the air, nicknamed the “1080”, as well as others that he has in the planning stage.

For Carlos, training in the Mediterranean has been very different from his routine in Brazilian waters, but he considers his experience in Mojácar to be “excellent training”. He has shown a great affinity to the town and plans to return as soon as his competition calendar will allow.

Osaïa, who is preparing to defend her title at the Spanish Championships, has been training with “Bebe” during his stay in Mojácar’s waters.

Whilst the young Mojácar Kiteboarder takes strength from the world champion, Carlos Mario, he benefits from the style, joy and passion for the Kite that Osaïa brings out in him.

These two great talented figures of the Kitesurf world, despite their enviable youth, have been developing their talent off Mojácar’s beaches. Many people who been walking along the beach have been surprised and amazed at their “tricks” and their great routine exercises.