Gardering workshops in Mojácar School

Mojácar Council and the Town’s Bartolomé Flores School have organized Gardening Workshops and a School Garden for both the students and their teachers.

The greenhouse where the workshops will take place is located on a municipal lot next to the School. Suitable facilities have been set up, especially for the youngsters to carry out the tasks for this new adventure.

The aim of the School Garden and the Horticulture Workshop is to complement other extracurricular activities that take place throughout the year. It is hoped that this initiative will motivate the students to interact in an ecological and natural environment and to serve as reinforcement to their classroom nature study lessons, whilst gaining a basic knowledge of gardening and horticulture.

Several workshops have been set up, according to the pupils’ age, with the youngest beginning with the “My Bonsai” workshop. Each student will have direct contact with nature through their own bonsai that will be with them for the rest of their educational cycle.

As the courses and the years pass, they will grow together and be able to follow the different phases of growth of these unique miniature trees. Once this journey is finished, they can take it home as a souvenir.

Other workshops include; planting and care of “Kiri” trees, propagation of the centennial Ficus in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, cultivation of Stevia plants, Olive trees, native and evergreen Vines (which are almost extinct) along with the planting and tending of seasonal vegetables.

This initiative has proved to be very successful among the students as it counterbalances the technology and gadgets that flood youth culture nowadays.