Mojácar aspires to be Andalucia´s most charming town

The rural accommodation portal, Andalucía Típica S.L., has started its annual social network contest to find "The most charming town of Andalucia".

Mojácar is one of the selected localities for this contest, in which municipalities are suggested by and later voted for by the users of the internet. In the province of Almería, only Velez-Blanco and Mojácar have been chosen as candidates this year.

2017 is the third consecutive year of this competition and for this year the organizers have divided it into three phases. In the first phase readers proposed their candidates, then in the second phase (which runs until February 14) the first vote will be held. Only the top ten will then go on to the final vote to be the 2017 winner.

Andalucía Típica S.L. is a very important portal for rural accommodation and tourism in the sector. This original initiative has not gone unnoticed on the internet as in 2016, more than one hundred thousand people cast their vote and many more visited and made consultations on their website.

According to the company, the increase in the demand for accommodation in competing municipalities has multiplied, in some cases by up to 40%. It is seen as an opportunity for many small municipalities to increase their profiles and show their charisma and facilities to a growing market of tourists. The average voter is profiled as being between the age of 35 and 50, professional, with a medium-high income level.

Mojácar, for the moment, has more than four hundred votes. It is hoped that the lovers of Mojácar continue voting on the page of “” and, confirm that it is not only one of the most beautiful towns of Spain, but also of Andalucia.