Mojácar mourns the death of international, cyclist, Serge Baguet

Mojácar, along with so many others, is saddened by the death of the Belgian cyclist, Serge Baguet.

Serge enjoyed a well-deserved, high prestige in his country, where he was a champion, as well as being a participant in many rallies, races and awards in the most prestigious European cycling races.

On retiring from competition, he became the sports director of the Doltcini Flanders Baguet continental team, as well as for its junior squad. In this new professional role, he was also a diligent and frequent visitor to Mojácar.

Captivated by its landscape and people, he established one of his cycling centres here, where hundreds of professionals and amateurs spend time each year going through the preparatory stages for their various seasons and in 2012, setting up the “Clásica de Mojácar-Sierra Nevada” test.

In 2014, having won the heart of the town and firmly putting the town on the map for all cycling lovers and professionals he was awarded a Golden Indalo in recognition of his work as an ambassador of European cycling in Mojácar.

Mojácar Council, on behalf of the whole town, has sent an official letter of condolence to the family and friends of Serge Baguet, to share in the grief that the town feels for his loss.

Today, cyclists are very much part of Mojácar’s winter landscape, but in the multi-coloured pack riding along and around the town’s roads, there is no doubt that there is a very empty space that is impossible to replace.