Mojácar represented at the Belgian International Cycling Fair

Emmanuel Agüero, Mojácar’s Tourism Councillor, attended the international cycle show “Velofollies” which was held in the Belgian town of Kortrijk, giving the most complete overview of the cycling world.

This international event not only focussed on the latest trends in professional and amateur cycling, but also showcased a wide range of options for travel possibilities and organized routes based around sports tourism.

Emmanuel travelled directly from FITUR in Madrid to Belgium where he had intense meetings with agencies and tour operators specialising in the cycling sector. Accompanied by María Victoria Hernández, director of Mojácar’s Hotel Marina Playa and representing the hotel company Servigroup, they consolidated important agreements for the municipality, which further reinforces the work done by the town’s Department of Tourism as well as local hoteliers and tourist entrepreneurs.

Emmanuel has been working for some time towards the goal of consolidating sports tourism in the area, to achieve a greater influx of visitors to partake in this type of off season activity. He has maintained his progress towards this key objective at this important Benelux cycling event.

Mojácar, which is already the official venue of the Belgian national cycling team for its winter training, has a firm position at an international level within cycling sports tourism at both amateur and professional levels.

Emmanuel said, “Mojácar is in an optimal situation to compete on equal terms with other localities such as Calpe as a traditional destination for this type of tourism whilst providing more offers and variety”.

In recent years, the presence of cyclists on Mojácar’s roads in the winter months has become commonplace. This is viewed as a very important starting point for a wide range of possibilities that are taking shape thanks, according to the Tourism Councillor, to the joint work of the Town Council with all those involved in the tourism sector of Mojácar.