Mojácar Supports “Leo´s” cause

Mojácar supports “Leo´s” cause with a concert and a theatre production

A support movement is sweeping through the Levante Almeriense towns to provide help for a family that lives with the tough experience of having their son Leo suffer with cancer and, not having sufficient means to pay for his treatment.

Leo is four years old and, has a brain tumour that has already caused him to endure the operating theatre four times.

He does not know what school, or playing in a park is, or anything about the normal life of any child. He only knows about hospitals and doctors. He only knows of a relentless fight that is too big for his small shoulders.

At the “Alarcón Fernández de Arellano” School, in Palomares, where his sister attends class, a programme has been created to help Leo. All the teachers participate and are getting involved, as well as residents of the region and Local Administrations.

In support of this, Mojácar Town Council gave the use of their Centro de Usos Múltiples to stage a concert to raise funds for Leo to receive treatment in the United States.

Rosmari Cano, the Mayor of Mojácar and Emmanuel Agüero, the Town’s Councillor for Tourism, joined the movement and supported the call from this group of teachers who have been organizing all kinds of events to help Leo’s family for the last two years. Rosmari expressed her thanks to both the people and businesses of Mojácar who turned out to respond to this initiative.

On Friday, March 10, at 9:00 pm, the doors of the Mojácar Centro de Usos Múltiples will be opened to the classic comedy play “Tres Sombreros de Copa” by Miguel Miura, performed by the Veratense group of Antonio Gallardo. The show will serve to raise the curtain once again for this cause in Mojácar and, continue helping little Leo in his big fight.