Mojácar Gardens Trail SL- A 184 (Sendero de las Huertas)

Distance (roundtrip): 3.78 km.   Route type: Hiking – bike   Dificultad: medium-low

A circular track which shows us part of the history of this beautiful village, walking through its gardens and enjoying beautiful views of Mojácar. We observe the ancient settlement of Old Mojácar with the remains of our ancestors. This route is recommended for everybody, by bike or on foot.

Mojácar La Vieja: Dominating the fertile lowland from the River “Aguas” this conical mountain  is a remmant from the first prehistoric settlement. (VI-VII centuries AD). Known in the past as Montem Sacrum (Holy Mountain) this argaric  enclave was first Visigoth and then a Muslim settlement, which they called  Muxacra (High up Mountain). A pyramid-shaped hillock next to the river Aguas wich supplied one of the most impressive surviving cisterns dating from the Kingdom of Granada. The hamlet, Las Huertas, testify to Mojácar´s farming past. The cultivations of orange and olive trees are irrigated with the water from the river “Aguas” on its way to the sea.

Topoguide Mojácar gardens trail: Front cover and back cover