Al-Mosaquer and Mojácar Council present the prizes to the winners of the III Moors and Christians Competition

The Al-Mosaquer Mojácar General Association of Moors and Christians has presented the photography competition prizes to the winners of the III Photography Contest selected from the 275 photographs presented in this edition.

The prize presentation was held in the Mojácar Council meeting room with the presence of the highest authority of the Al-Mosaquer General Association, Emilio Egea, representatives of different “kábilas” and encampments that make up the association, dressed in gala clothes for the occasion, and Mojácar Council councillor, Rosa María Cano.

Emilio Egea thanked everyone present for attending and congratulated the winners, highlighting the high quality of all the works presented and the jury’s difficulty in choosing the best.

The General Association President also wanted to highlight the Association’s interest in promoting the beauty of these very important festivities, within an Andalucian framework, both among its participants and among the people who feel attracted to this festival and want to come to know them. And what better, “than a good photo.”

Six prizes were presented corresponding to the six categories proposed by Al-Mosaquer. In the Moorish photography category, Christopher Hart was the winner; the award for Christian photography went to Carmelo Fragua Benavente; Mayte Scheyvaerts won the prize in the young category.

In the black and white category, revalidating the prize he obtained in the same category in 2023, Austricliniano Arribas González, and the free photography went to Jesús Cañadas.

The prize for the best photo of the competition went to Christopher Hart’s photograph, which obtained a double award for having also been awarded in the Moorish photography category. The prize was presented by Mojácar Council Councillor, Rosa María Cano.

On behalf of the Local Council, Rosa María Cano congratulated all the winners and also congratulated the Al-Mosaquer General Association of Moors and Christians for the excellent work they do on the celebration of the Moors and Christians Festivities: “not only in their preparation of everything that goes with this celebration, from the poster, the photographs, the music and many other things, also for managing to improve each year in all the activities they carry out and that have made this festival one of the most important in the province.”

The winners got a cash prize, photographic material and their works will be able to be admired in a collective exhibition that every year shows not only each edition’s winning photographs, but also shows those taken over the years, giving an idea of the evolution of this festival and how it has achieved the integration of an entire village, people taking part, whether as Moors or Christians, in one of the most highly-anticipated days and for which they work throughout the year.

The association is now working on another project. The rules of the poster competition have already been published and they are looking forward to receiving the works, preparing the official poster for this edition and beginning the Moors and Christians 2024 festivities, which will take place on the 14th, 15th and 16th of June.