An all round success for Mojácar’s Patron Saint Fiesta

Mojácar’s San Agustín Fiesta proved to be a great success once again, especially for the hotels and businesses, after drawing in thousands of visitors as well as locals to the five full days of events. The extensive programme put together by the Council’s Festivities Department was a hit with all ages, with crowds turning out in large numbers to join in all the events.

The daily midday fair, a meeting point of everyone, set the tone to get everyone in the mood for the fun that lay ahead until dawn,
with tasty tapas, music and dancing to get the party atmosphere off to an early start.
There were plenty of sporting and indoor items on the agenda, too, with the eagerly friendly football match between Mojácar and Garrucha, as well as the classic encounter of great rivalry between the town’s young and older players. There was also the traditional San Agustín race, as well as online games and an Americana assault course for the youngsters.
The more traditional Fiesta events grow more and more popular every year with an increased number of children and young people taking part, following on from past generations and ensuring their continuity. The horseback ribbon races, for example, have a history that goes back over two hundred years.
The symbolic carrying of water and floral offerings from the Fuente to the Santa María Parish Church also attracts an increased number of participants every year, all dressed in multi-coloured flamenco outfits or typical Mojácar costumes, carrying the famous water jugs which local women once carried to their homes.
On the last day of the Fiesta, a Holy Mass was held to honour San Agustín, with singing by the Los Gallardos choir, Coro Rociero, followed by a procession through the streets of Mojácar’s Old Town with the faithful following the Saint’s figure accompanied by the Town Band.
Mojácar’s Mayor, Rosmari Cano, expressed her pleasure at the success of the Fiesta which had attracted so many visitors, as well as the chance it had given local people to get together with family and friends and enjoy some fun after a long, busy summer.
The end of August and the Fiesta concludes an incredibly busy time that has seen thousands of visitors pass through Mojácar, who have joined in with the whole town to make this summer’s events so enjoyable. Mojácar is always a sure hit for leisure time, fun, culture or sports and has a complete package of things for everyone to enjoy and, although the busiest part of the year is coming to a close the predicted visitor figures for September are also looking good.