Mojácar School celebrates Andalucia Day

The students of Mojácar’s Bartolomé Flores School celebrated Andalucia Day with a party during the morning break and, a “typical Andalucian” breakfast.

Usually schoolchildren celebrate Andalucia Day just before the actual date, but this year, due to the bank holiday coinciding with Carnival week, it has been brought forward so that the children could commemorate their community day together.

Mojácar Town Council provided students with a nutritious breakfast consisting of bread with tomatoes, olive oil and mandarin oranges. A typical breakfast found all over Andalucia, made with local products.

The celebration was organized for the morning break and the mothers joined in the event, laying out tables in the patio and creating a fun “photocall” consisting of a screen depicting a typical window with its Andalucian iron grid and geraniums in flower. The children brought to school items characteristic of Andalucian attire: hats, flowers for the hair and caps, among others, which they wore during the break time.

Also present at the school event were Mojácar Councillors Raquel Belmonte and Ana García, representing the departments of Culture and Education respectively. The best way to celebrate the Day of Andalucia, according to both councillors, is to encourage young people to continue with the traditions of their elders.

The Andalucian gastronomy and the Mediterranean diet in general, according to Ana García, is not only a healthy regime, it is one more aspect of the culture of Andalucia that is more valuable than ever, especially among young people.