Andalucian Iaido japanese sword squad trains in Mojácar

Mojácar’s Municipal Sports Centre was the venue for the first training session of the Andalucían Iaido team recently, in preparation for the Spanish championships in April.

Iaido is a Japanese martial art involving the ability to quickly unsheathe and sheathe the Japanese katana curved sword, a skill once practiced by samurai. These techniques enable attack and defence at the same time, with a speed that sets out to leave their opponent with no time to react.
20 Kenshi swords people from the Andalucían team, including members of the National Iaido squad, came together under the organization of Javier Tirado, a European and Spanish Champion and Andalucían Director. Also, there to direct proceedings was collaborator, Karl Gibbons, a 5th Dan with international experience and as a former manager and coach, as well as collaborator and event organiser now that he spends his retirement time in Mojácar.
The local Councillors for Tourism and Sports, Emmanuel Agüero and Ana García, acted as hosts on the day and were keen to discuss with Javier and Karl future training in Mojácar, as well as support the Andalucían selection with its high number of Almerían participants. There is also all round support for the creation of a specialist training centre and school in the area for all nationalities to attend. Karl also announced that, next winter, several British Iaido squads are set to come to Mojácar for their winter training, which will have the presence of some 7th Dan masters.
Through its Tourism and Sports Departments, Mojácar Council is actively promoting a whole range of national and international sports activities, for which the town is an ideal training ground, as well as method of boosting winter tourism when the occupancy levels are lowest.
Both Javier and Karl thanked the Council for their interest and support in the Andalucían Team, which is a very important part of the Spanish National Team, as most members come from Almería.
The Iaido discipline is included in the Spanish Federation of Judo and Associated Sports and the Spanish National Iaido Team, despite its relative youth, has some outstanding swords people who have already had great success on the international scene.