Anushree Krementz art show “10 Years in Mojácar”

The artist Anushree Krementz is currently exhibiting a retrospective of some of her best works from the last decade at the town’s ‘La Fuente’ Centro de Arte, entitled “10 Years in Mojácar.”

The 49 pieces selected by Anushree include a variety of styles in oils, mixed media and the ancient encaustic technique dating back to the first century, which all reveal the evolution of this artist’s journey in painting through the years.
Anushree was born in Munich, although grew up in a small town near the Alps and, her passion to create led her to study design and follow a career devoted to the arts. Her travels through India influenced her perceptions of life and the world and, according to her, “it was there, as a result of all the experiences lived, where the concept of my work was forged.”
Open, with an enquiring mind to all artistic forms, she also discovered a passion for music and composition combining powerful acoustics and scores and, the sounds and light of the world as well as the silences of the spirit are all fused together in the outstanding works on show. However, ever since her first exhibition in Salzburg, there have been many individual and collective exhibitions gaining great accolades and success.
Anushree was joined at the inauguration by the town’s Culture Councillor, Raquel Belmonte, who had a chance to hear the stories behind the creation of the works in this impressive show. Raquel also stressed the importance of this well known artist, who has become a reference point to this type of cultural event in the town.
Mojácar’s ‘La Fuente’ Centro de Arte is open to the public, with free entrance from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and “10 Years in Mojácar” can be seen until September 13th.