At the invitation of Mojácar Council, Father Christmas visits the Locality to collect children´s cards in person.

Father Christmas will visit Mojácar next Saturday 18th December from 4-9pm at the Parque Comercial, where he will personally collect the letters which the children of the locality want to hand deliver to him to order their presents for the night of the 24th.

Coming straight from the North Pole, and accompanied by his trusted elf Alabaster Snowball, administrator of the list of children’s letters, and by other helpers, he will set up his magical travel house protected by a giant bubble to attend to all the children’s requests.
Father Christmas and his entourage have been invited by Mojácar Council. On his arrival he will be officially received by Culture Councillor, Raquel Belmonte, and by Finance Councillor, Francisco García Cerdá, who will have the job of welcoming him to the municipality and of passing on the wish that all the children of the locality, without forgetting anyone, can enjoy the gifts which they make in his lost village at the North Pole.
Various Christmas craft workshops will also be set up at the Parque Comercial, where children and their parents will be able to learn how to make different Christmas decorations or whatever their inspiration takes them to.
The Council will provide the materials and the monitors who will orientate the young artists and those accompanying them so they can make something special to decorate their homes at this well-loved time and which will serve as a reminder of a long-awaited visit.
A small Christmas party which Rudolf, the captain of Father Christmas’s reindeers, could not be absent from, and who, in the form of a mechanical reindeer, will let the children ride on his magic back.