Plaza Nueva Viewing Point

The Plaza Nueva is without doubt the meeting point and heart of Mojacan life. Lively and atmospheric, it is the ideal place to sit and contemplate the sunset.  Looking out onto the viewing point of the same name, the view extends over a large valley as far as the Cabrera, Bédar and Almagrera mountains.

Without going anywhere we can tour a good number of the Levante region of Almería’s villages, specifically Turre, Vera, Garrucha, Bédar, Los Gallardos and Antas. Just in front one can see the bed of the River Aguas, which goes past the foot of Old Mojácar and comes out at La Laguna.

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Dominating from the plaza the so-called Valley of the Pyramids, of isolated mountains in a valley, and where Old Mojácar (the first eneolithic settlement), dominates. Many authors coincide in referring to this site located right in the heart of the Argaric culture (2000 BC), the first organized society in the Iberian Peninsula. Its flattened conical shape is due to a large water cistern which collected in its upper part the rain waters for the whole population, and which became one of the architectural jewels of Al-Ándalus.

It is believed that it was at the end of the 13th century when the site began to be abandoned and the current site of Mojácar began to take shape. It is possible it was destroyed by an earthquake, or because its inhabitants, hounded by the Christians, looked for a more protected enclave.

Today, many centuries later, it is tourism which has conquered the locality, and millions of photographs taken from the viewing point hang in the memories of those people who every year look for a break in Mojácar.