“The World´s most beautiful kiss” in Mojácar

Everything or almost everything, has been said about Mojácar. It is one of the most beautiful towns in Spain as well as one of the most beautiful places in Europe and the World.

Home and inspiration to artists, as well as the scene of legends and ancestral magic, its powerful light shines on the unmistakeable landscape.

Stories of love and friendship, among many others, have been written among its charming streets, secluded squares and corners, where you can still hear the old stories that triggered the imagination of children and adults.

The idea to hold a night of romance, dedicated to love, by Spain’s Most Beautiful Towns of is suited to Mojácar more than anywhere on the planet.

In addition to the 57 municipalities belonging to the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain, there are also more than 300 Italian and Belgian towns celebrating the summer solstice on the night of June 24. On this day, Mojácar invites all lovers to an evening of romance.

Large illuminated hearts will welcome everyone and there will be a photo call to capture the sweet moment, on this unforgettable night.

More than 500 heart-shaped helium balloons will be placed all over the Old Town to herald the celebration, including a balloon arch Calle Enmedio, where no couple should resist pausing at, holding hands.

The Cueva Mariquita La Posá (where a beautiful maiden sacrificed herself in marriage to a local sorcerer to save her people) is the perfect place for those romantics who wish to hand in their love phrases, which the enamoured character Lucínda will be on hand to collect then choose the best. The most inspired ones will receive a book of Mojácar legends and the writer of the winning phrase, a night for two in a charming hotel in the town, plus a dinner for two with drinks in “super romantic” places.

In the Parish Church, married Catholics may renew their vows and receive the benediction and, some of the most beautiful messages of love from the bible and will be read out.
On the gastronomic front, the restaurants will be romantically decorated with more balloons, flowers, hearts and Cupids, with love themed menus, in addition to a recipe especially devised by the Masterchef junior winner.

The shops, with window displays and special offers, will remain open late for those who still need to buy a special present for their loved one or for those who happen to fall in love on the day.

Music, which plays a leading role in so many romantic evenings, will be in all the squares in the Old Town. Live piano melodies, saxophone and boleros. On the Mirador of the Plaza Nueva, there will be a dance for couples, with romantic music supplied by a DJ, who will also be the master of ceremonies for the high point of the night. At midnight, signalled by fireworks from the the church bell tower, Mojácar, along with thousands of people all over Europe, will show their affection or their eternal love with the “Most Beautiful Kiss in the World”.

A date in Mojácar that should definitely not be missed, whether you are in love or not, on Saturday June 24th, starting at 10.00 p.m.