Moors and Chirstians photography competition

This year, to mark the 29th anniversary of the Moors and Christians fiesta in Mojácar, the Al Mosaquer Asociación de Moros y Cristianos has organized their 1st Annual Photography Competition.

It will focus on photos taken during the 2017 fiesta weekend, with the aim of promoting and emphasising the splendour of this important Andalucian fiesta.
The competition is open to anyone age 14 or over, but those under 18 must have permission from a parent, guardian or teacher. The images must be presented between June 12 and October 31 this year and be of this year’s Moors and Christians celebrations.

The photos must be unpublished and not been presented in any other competition or contest or been seen on any social networks, advertising, etc. Each participant may submit a maximum of five photographs per category, which may form a joint theme.

There will be six categories which are: Photographs of Moors, Photographs of Christians, Young Photographer (aged between 14 and 18), Best Black and White Image, Free Subject Photo (as long as it is of the fiesta and conforms to the above rules) and finally, the best Group Photograph of Moors or Christians taken at Sunday’s procession.

The organization is offering ten prizes. The overall 1st prize for the Best Photography will be chosen from one of the category winners, who will all receive 150 Euros and a diploma. The overall winner will additionally be given an honorary prize and have their work featured on the cover of the 2018 Moors and Christians brochure.

The winning Young Photographer will be awarded with a camera along with their diploma. For any photographs that the jury have found outstanding but have not received a prize, there is the chance to be given a Special Mention honour.

All photographs that are submitted may be used to promote future competitions, but will always be credited to the respective photographers and, not assigned to or used by third parties.