BMW Motorcycles launch their new range in Mojácar

The prestigious brand BMW Motorcycles are presenting their latest 2017 models in Mojácar, with an event that began in January and will continue until March. Worldwide, BMW are only making three official launch presentations: one in the USA, one in Asia and one in Mojácar.

More than 300 motorcycles of all types: racers, road, urban and cross-country are at the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa to be tried out by amateur and professional bikers from all over Europe and guided by BMW, touring Mojácar and the region.

The German company Bike Promotion organizes guided tours in which motorcycle enthusiasts stay in Mojácar for four days and have different circuits each day depending on the type of motorcycle.

These presentations have now been successfully carried out in Mojácar for seven years as, according to the organizers, Mojácar is an ideal venue for lovers of motorcycling, with great weather, good quality roads and sparse traffic enabling the bikers to enjoy and appreciate the new features of motorcycles. To all these benefits must be added the good reception that the riders always receive from the town’s tourist sector and the unconditional support of the Mojácar Tourism Department.

During this annual event, the official launch presentation of the new models is also made to representatives of the media and specialized magazines throughout Europe. Mojácar brings together in the town, the best specialized journalists and outstanding personalities of the motoring world. The event is reported in countless publications aimed at the many people passionate about motoring, motorcycling and cycling.

In an impressive display, the organization brings all kinds of models to Mojácar. This year’s two wheeled offering includes electric scooters, with a range of up to 200 Km.

There is no doubt that these types of events are an important element of the promotion of Mojácar and, a good support to winter tourism which helps the town towards its goal of being a year round tourist destination.