The Valparaiso Foundation and Mojáar Town Council gives scholarships to artist worldwide

Mojácar Town Council and the Valparaiso Foundation have welcomed four new artists and writers, all receiving scholarships from both institutions, so that they have an opportunity to develop their work whilst staying in the town for two weeks.

Alberto Clerencia and Jesús Moreno, who are ‘plastic’ artists, along with Tucker Hollingsworth, an American photographer and Clare Best, an American poet and writer, are currently in Mojácar working on their new creations.

Since May 2016, forty artists have come to the town since the new collaboration between Mojácar Council and the Valparaíso Foundation was set up. By the end of 2017, there will be over 70 artists who have passed through the municipality in this cultural exchange, which also acts to promote of the locality.

Representatives from all creative areas, from all over the world, have written, painted or photographed Mojácar’s points of interest which, along with the bohemian spirit that makes it so unique, are an artist’s inspiration.

Aware of this important legacy, the Town Council, through its Culture Department, collaborates with a number of people including Beatrice Beckett, who settled in with her husband, Paul Beckett, in Mojácar in the 60s. Both were founders of the private institution Valparaíso, dedicated to the promotion of artistic creation and research in the field of fine arts, literature and music.

Mojácar Town Council also operates two exhibition galleries, one at The Fuente and another in the Castillo de Mojácar, where more than twenty exhibitions will be held throughout this year, both individual and collective.

There is an annual outdoor painting marathon, which brings numerous painters to the town from the province and other parts of Spain as well as classes and workshops in painting and photography. It can be said that on every day of the year, there is some sort of activity in Mojácar, ready to be visited.

Mojácar is now, more than ever, a centre of art, in which more than two hundred artists spend time every year, showing their work to local people and visitors alike whilst reflecting the name of the town through their diverse and expressive works.