The British Consul and Mojácar´s Mayor hold meeting with British Residents

Charmaine Arbouin, Andalucía’s British Consul, held a meeting in Mojácar for the town’s British residents, with the aim of addressing and clarifying concerns in relation to their legal situation when (and if) the United Kingdom exits the European Union.

She was accompanied by Mojácar’s Mayor, Rosmari Cano, Lucas Mayo, the Councillor charged with assisting Foreigners and Richard Hill, representing the Brexpats in Spain Association.

The Mayor stressed the importance of the decisions and agreements that are being negotiated between the UK and the European Union, as well as any bilateral agreements with Spain, as they affect all residents of Mojácar in some way, regardless of nationality. She stated that Mojácar’s non-Spanish residents represent almost half of the town’s census and, the British population makes up 80% of that figure.

Charmaine Arbouin went on to emphasize the need for those living in Spain to legalize their situation and be properly registered in their municipalities, regardless of the final outcome of their government’s ongoing political negotiations.

Those present voiced their concerns about the consequences of Brexit and the overhanging uncertainty people have over the legal situation they could find themselves in, living outside their own country.

In his capacity as Councillor, Lucas Mayo is in regular contact with Mojácar’s British residents and has noted that the most frequent issues raised are focused on health care, pensions, free movement between both countries and, the periods of time they could legally reside in their homes in Spain.

To divide the queries, three consultation tables were set up at the meeting to allow those attending to ask questions of a fiscal nature, health and residence procedures, each with a Consulate specialist on hand.

Without knowing a definitive position from the British Government or its consequences, many British residents continue to be concerned about how Brexit will affect their daily life in Spain, as well as their participation where they live or work in municipal decisions and voting.