Mojácar Council organises a popular walk to celebrate international women´s day.

Under the slogan: “Together we are strong”, Mójácar Council in collaboration with the Almería Provincial Council and Mojácar Red Cross organised a solidarity Walk-Run in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Last Sunday, close to 300 people took part in this solidarity event held on the locality’s seafront promenade.
The participants signed up for a symbolic price, all destined for the Red Cross, which included a bib, a pink T-shirt commemorating the day and a serving of paella to end the day of coming together. According to the organisation 897 euros were collected, which will be a great help for this association.
Prior to the walk, several workshops were organised on the promenade, such as laughter therapy and bio-dance, in which numerous volunteers took part, it being necessary to double the number of monitors.
Also collaborating on this festive day were Platino Fitness Center and the Los Bandidos Nogalte Athletics Club, who along with the participants filled the town’s promenade with pink T-shirts in a fun “`pink” tide that filled Mojácar beach with light and solidarity.
The route was planned to go from the Red Cross headquarters to the Hotel Indalo to then retrace steps back to the finish line located at the departure point: the Red Cross headquarters.
Somewhat more than five kilometres, which some did running and others at a pretty sedate walk.
There were participants of all kinds: families, also including babies in their pushchairs accompanying their parents, grandparents and pets; Spanish and British runners and of all nationalities, young sportspeople and the not-so-young, but all united on a day to enjoy as a family, to join in the celebration of Women’s Day and to show solidarity with Mojácar Red Cross, which does such important work in the locality.
There was a prize for the first three to reach the finish line. In the men’s category, Steven Murton came first with a time of 19 minutes, followed by Ángel José Blazquez and Sebastián Reading. In the women’s, victory went to Ana Cristina Minoya, Alejandra Bohorquez obtained second prize, followed by Carole Cabrellc.
Mojácar Cross was waiting for them at the finish line with provisions of water and fruit to recover from the effort, although to end the celebratory day a giant paella was waiting for the participants and where everyone could chat about the day’s incidents and anecdotes.