CD Mojácar Football cadet team winners of the Andalucian League Championship, achieving category promotion for the Second Consecutive year

The Mojácar Council Municipal Sports School achieves another success with the promotion of the CD Mojácar cadet football team winning the Andalucían league championship, Andalucìan 4th, and gaining promotion for the second consecutive year.

This year’s victory puts the Mojácar team in the 3rd category, a promotion they have achieved after playing all their matches without losing any at home and with excellent play in all their matches.
The Sports Councillor, Jesús Montoya, is very proud of the team’s work, especially considering “they come from the school base.” A team that began its desire to play good football as children, when these young footballers were already demonstrating their courage and their eagerness, moving up each year in the children’s category.
A satisfaction also expressed by their coach, Jesús Manzanares, given that his team has achieved promotion for two consecutive years and without losing a single point, highlighting their example of “constancy, humility, teamwork and good work.”
Jesús Manzanares also wanted to thank all those who have supported this team, firstly the Mojácar Mayor, Francisco García and the Sports Councillor, Jesús Montoya, who have been attentive to their needs, backing them as well as all the teams in the different categories making up the Municipal Sports School’s CD Mojácar football club.
In Mojácar this discipline has more than 200 players divided among 10 teams, six of which are federated, as well as the indoor football team which, despite its recent creation, is also gaining important achievements. Achievements that are also being gained by others of the school’s disciplines.
On this point, and despite the great effort made in this last year in promoting and expanding the Municipal Sports School’s sphere of action, the Sports Councillor, repeated the importance and determination of the Local Authority in continuing to work in the sports schools since, as he commented, they play a crucial role in promoting sports and physical activity at the local level. Benefits, in short, that have an impact on the community.
He considers that it has an important role in creating equal access to sport, encouraging participation as it offers a variety of disciplines and training adapted to different ages and skill levels, encouraging greater participation of everyone but especially of the municipality’s children and young people “as a tool for their development, promoting physical, emotional, social and cognitive health.”
The Mojácar Municipal Sports School will close its doors at the end of the month, ending the 2023-24 academic year. Following a well-deserved summer break, it will reopen its facilities next autumn coinciding with the 2024-25 school year.
Before that, the Mojácar municipal football ground will be the setting, as is now tradition, of a demonstration of what has been learned throughout the school year by each and every one of the disciplines that make it up. An event that brings together all the students, parents and families and at which the Local Council awards all the municipality’s athletes a well-deserved medal for their efforts.