The Mojácar La Fuente Art Centre opens its doors to the work of the artist Anik Lagarrigue.

An exhibition of paintings by the artist Anik Lagarrigue, better known as Anika, has opened at the “La Fuente” municipal art centre in Mojácar.

More than 40 highly colourful works make up this exhibition, which will be open to the public, free of charge, until the 15th of July.
Anika, born in France, has been in Spain for more than 30 years. The volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands took away her house and everything which made up her life until then. Fate brought her to Mojácar, where she continues on her dynamic career path.
Her work done in acrylic and with the spatula as her main tool, fills the entire exhibition hall with colour and life.
Her hand moves across the canvas spontaneously and dynamically. Self-taught, art is nothing alien to her as several members of her family have made it their profession.
Attracted by the art of Morocco, you can appreciate its influence in her work, which goes beyond canvases and is reflected in other works made with buttons and beads from Arabic clothing, as well as in writing and messages of peace made on sheepskin.
Among her future plans would be to be able to hold painting workshops, dedicated mainly to the youngest, although they would be open to all ages, where artistic expression would be the main aim. For Anika the possibility of expressing yourself through painting is a healing therapy that calms the bind and balances the spirit.
The inauguration was a success for turnout, and many of her works were sold on this first day. Raquel Belmonte, acting Mojácar Council Culture Councillor, did not want to miss this event either, and had the opportunity to go around the exhibition with the artist, who told her about the details of many of her works.
The works of Anik Lagarrigue will be open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 2pm until the 15th of July.