Contemporary arts comes to Mojácar´s classrooms

The first-year pupils at Mojácar’s Rey Alabez Secondary School recently had the chance to take part in a very interesting workshop led by the Croatian multimedia artist, Ana Bilankov, who along with three other artists is staying in the town until the end of January through scholarships offered by the local Council and the Valparaiso Foundation.

Born in Zagreb, Ana Bilankov lives and works in Berlin, where she also completed most of her artistic studies. She has participated as an artistic director at numerous places and art projects collaborating with international universities, schools, galleries and museums. She is also a founder member of the Kunstcoop group, which is an educational initiative for experimental contemporary art.
25 youngsters, aged 10 and 11, had the opportunity to see Ana’s latest works revolving around the sea, described by the artist herself. The images, including snapshots and videos of the Mediterranean, showed views at different times and places around the planet. For the pupils, this was a new vision of everyday landscapes made amazing when their reflections, shapes, colours and characteristics are opened up to the imagination. Afterwards, the youngsters were given a chance to paint their own interpretation then present their work to the class.
American visual artists, Nancy Jo Ward and Hope Tuckey along with the Spanish photographer, Tato Olivas and, Ana Bilankov, are Mojácar’s first scholars of 2018 and they will be presenting a sample of the works they have done during their stay before they leave.
After the Christmas holidays, the local Council and the Foundation have started another year of collaboration in the promotion of art in Mojácar, hosting four new creative artists from around the world every fortnight at the Valparaíso facilities