Diploma presentation at Mojácar´s “Carmen de Burgos” painting workshop

The students from the “Carmen de Burgos” painting workshop, which was organized in Mojácar by Almeria’s Provincial Council and the Mojácar Town Council’s Culture Department, have received an accreditation diploma for their course attendance from the Provincial Deputy, Dolores Martínez Utrera and the town’s Councillor for Culture, Raquel Belmonte.

The event, held in the town’s Centro de Usos Múltiples, brought the 22 students together, who have been working since last October on the basic techniques of painting, brushstrokes, colour theory, personal creativity empowerment, as well as cultural development.

This workshop was part of the 5th Provincial Strategy for Equality for Women and Men in Almería Province, coordinated by the Provincial Council with the collaboration of Mojácar Council, through its Culture Department.

Class tutor was Ángela Sirvent Artero, who graduated in Fine Arts at Valencia University, followed by her Postgraduate at Granada University. Raquel, Mojácar’s Culture Councillor said how delighted she was at the number of attendees on the workshop, which was one of the highest in the province, as well as the standard of learning amongst the new artists.

On presenting the diplomas, Raquel announced the Council’s plan to host an exhibition of works that the student’s completed during the workshop, as well as requesting the Provincial Council for further collaboration on new courses.

Mojácar continues to promote its artistic tradition with both the painting classes organized by the Council and, the workshops that are organized regularly throughout the year, which are always so popular with the town’s residents.