Urban art lesson in Mojácar Secondary School

Mojácar’s Rey Alabez secondary school now has a graffiti artwork made by the 4th year plastic art students in collaboration with two of the most outstanding Spanish artists of this medium, Alberto Clerencia and Jesús Moreno. Both graffiti artists are in Mojácar via the program of scholarships run by the Valparaíso Foundation and Mojácar Town Council.

Graffiti is a type of mainly urban free painting that arose though times of marked rebellion and protest. It has now become part of Hip Hop culture and the high quality of the works of many artists has earned it a deserved place as an artistic and cultural movement in its own right.

Graffiti connects with youth in a fast and direct way and, Mojácar’s youngsters have had the opportunity to work and learn with two of the best Spanish exponents of the genre. During their stay in the town, they have worked with eight students at the school and have given the sports hall a new contemporary and youthful look. The chosen theme was the name of the school, with amusing references to different sporting elements.

It was both a unique experience for the young participants and an interesting collaboration of two artists who each express their own works in different ways.

Alberto Clerencia moves in the natural environment, in imaginary worlds where animals question their place in the urban environment and the importance of nature. He began painting aged 16 and last year participated in the “Pow Wow”, held in Worcester, Europe’s most important international mural arts festival.

Jesús Moreno, under the nickname “Yes”, graduated in Fine Arts from Madrid’s Complutense University. Multifaceted, with a large body of work seen in exhibitions and shows, both individually and collectively, the work of Jesús Moreno is characterized by the use of flat colour forms. With a very personal symbolical approach, the interpretation of his works remains free. His letters and geometric figures have a personal touch that makes his work equally unmistakable.