End of School year for Mojácar’s Musical Youngsters

The youngest students at Mojácar’s Music School and the Junior Town Band recently gave an end of year concert at the Centro de Usos Múltiples, with over sixty pupils aged 3 to 16 showing off their musical progress.

The School of Music gives all children and adults the opportunity, regardless of age, to approach the world of melody and musical instruments. Included in the wide curriculum are; music and harmony, musical language, learning an instrument (solo as well as with others), group vocals as well as the chance to progress in grade.

Amongst the wide and ever expanding range of instruments that they have a chance to learn are; piano, guitar, various flutes, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, tuba as well as percussion.
The Town Councillor for Youth, Raquel Belmonte, attended the concert with Anna García, the Councillor for Education and was delighted with the student’s progress. She went on to say “the School and the teaching staff are ready to take in every type of student, whatever their level.”

From age 3 to 5, children can attend introductory classes of music and harmony, then from age 6 they can choose an instrument. At age 7, they can progress to other subjects they wish to study.
So, if anyone is interested, whatever their age, there is the chance to join Mojácar’s Music School and enjoy the pleasurable world of music.