First Mojácar Classic Car Rally

Mojácar was the venue for the “Ciudad de Mojácar” Classic Car Rally I,, when 140 vehicles arrived from all over the province and, other parts of Andalucía.

The rally was organised by the “Agrupación Clásicos de la Comarca del Mármol Pasión por lo Clásico” and the Autor shop in Mojácar Pueblo, in collaboration with Mojácar Council’s Tourism Department, Cervezas Glamour and Ginebra Ignis. Although the rally had been set up for 100 vehicles, they have had to increase the number of participants for the next gathering, as an extra 40 cars turned up.

All the cars were more than 25 years old, with the oldest being registered in 1920. On show were the beloved Seat 600 and 1430 amongst other models and, the ever popular Citroen “dos caballos” (2CV), all sitting alongside an elegant Bentley and a Chevrolet, sharing a day of motoring camaraderie.

After all the cars had been on show in front of Mojácar’s Sports Centre, the participants took a tour through the Pueblo which attracted the attention of everyone as they went by, before they got together for an association lunch.

There were prizes for the youngest drivers, María Jesús Liria Fernández, with her Seat 1430 and Enrique Javier Alonso Lozano with his BMW E30. Manoli García, with his Seat 127 and Indalecio García, on board his Seat 600, received the veteran drivers distinctions. The prizes for the best restored cars were bestowed to Juan Gómez Fernández for his Bentley S1 and Antonio José Galvez with his Seat 600 Abarth, who had come from Córdoba to join the in the rally.

Everyone was delighted with the day’s gathering, with the organisation planning to get together soon to start planning the next meeting in the autumn, to be held once again in Mojácar.