The International artist Bagé exhibits in Mojácar

The Mojácar “La Fuente” Municipal Art Centre has inaugurated an exhibition by the artist Brigitte Blansaer “Bagé”, open to the public until the 30th of April.

Bagé was born in Ghent and graduated from the Hasselt and Tongeren art academies. She has had numerous exhibitions in Belgium, taking part in the opening of Bree’s cultural season as well as the Netherlands Painting of the Year.
Her work is enveloped in feminine spirituality and power in shape and colour, combining her inspiration with the entry into the age of Aquarius, which according to experts will bring with it a new awareness of the human being, collaboration with and help for one another, peace and love for our planet and for nature.
As Briggite Blansaer explains, she wants with her painting to convey her soul, her spirituality through art. When she works, she meditates and expresses her feelings. She currently lives in Turre where she has her studio and paints.
Mojácar Council Culture Councillor, Raquel Belmonte, attended the inauguration where she was able to appreciate first-hand the quality of the exhibited works and their delicate preparation. She was also able to exchange views with the painter about how she creates her work and her inspiration from ancient cultures, popular arts and the various religions that inspire man.
The Bagé exhibition at the Mojácar La Fuente Municipal Art Centre is an extraordinary free and leisure time option that we can enjoy, taking advantage of the Easter holidays.
The exhibition can be visited free of charge from Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 2pm.