A full house for Mojácar´s sacred music concert

As part of Mojácar Council’s Holy Week programme of events, the Town Band, along with the local “Embrujo Mojaquero” Rociero Choir gave a joint concert of sacred music in the Centro de Usos Múltiples .

Led by the baton of Director, Miguel Angel Miranda, both groups performed a repertoire of seven religious songs, closing the with the well-known flamenco verse by Antonio Machado dedicated to Christ of the Gypsies, which brought to the audience to their feet.
The hall was filled to capacity and, this particular concert had been eagerly awaited as it was the first time that the town’s two emblematic musical groups had performed together.
The Sacred Music Concert ended with a standing ovation from the audience with a demand to hear Machado’s piece once again.
With the successful evening at a close, the unanimous opinion from those attending was to ensure that another joint performance must be organised as soon as possible.