Golden Indalo Award´s 25th anniversary

Golden Indalo Award’s 25th Anniversary, FITUR 2017

During the upcoming FITUR Tourism Fair, Mojácar will celebrate 25 years since the Town’s Council established the “Indalo de Oro” awards, which recognise people or entities that have helped in the promotion of the vicinity.

Over the years, all types of artists, politicians and successful entrepreneurs have obtained their own Indalo of Gold. Among them are well-known people in the national and international field, such as early recipients, Miguel Ríos and Pedro Piqueras.

This year, at the 25th anniversary, a special award of a Golden Indalo will be granted posthumously to former Mayor, Jacinto Alarcón Fuentes. Jacinto took on the role of Mayor in Mojácar when the municipality was about to disappear due to depopulation of its inhabitants and, the abandonment of homes at a difficult time when emigration was the only solution.

In just a few years he managed to bring electricity, water, roads, transport links, a National Parador Hotel as well as the reconstruction of the houses in the town “as he remembered them as a child”. All these things were soon enjoyed by ambassadors, representatives from the royal houses, the Queen of England’s Secretary, famous bullfighters and artists from all over the world. He also won a national improvement prize and put Mojácar firmly on the map as one of the most cosmopolitan places in Spain, if not the World. At that time, Mojácar was the reference point not only for Almeria, but for the whole peninsula.

He encouraged many of the town’s people to come back from emigration with jobs and a future, the first hotels of the province, the best restaurants (one run by the chef of the Maxim’s de Paris). The street’s donkeys began to live side by side with the Rolls Royce of a famous American pianist and, other luxury vehicles carrying owners of African gold mines. Then, there wasn’t a place in the world with so little space that possessed such a select and glamorous atmosphere, like Mojácar.

At that time, a small drawing appeared on the walls of the old houses, taken from the ancient cave paintings of the area. Today it is well known as the Indalo and, it came to represent not only Mojácar, but also a whole province and an inspiration for the name of these awards.

Later, in the wake of this fame and, following a path of no return during which intellectuals and art had established their meeting point in Mojácar, it also attracted the attention of important European and Spanish politicians as well as trade unionists for their chosen holiday destination.