Gonzalo Silvan and “Confluencias Mojaqueras” new exhibitions for Mojácar’s Summer Culture Programme

An eye-catching collection of paintings by the artist Gonzalo Silván is running until July 15th at Mojácar’s Centro de Arte, La Fuente.

Born in Bilbao, Gonzalo Silván graduated in Fine Arts and later began teaching his craft to students. He himself trained under renowned artists such as, José Caballero, Seisdedos, Alberto Miralles, Miguel Picazo and Antonio Lago Rivera.

In addition to his broad background in the art world, Silán also studied image and dramatic art, producing short films and set designs. 31 story telling pieces have been selected for this exhibition, including some very topical such as man’s relationship with the mobile phone, which has now become a focus in our lives even at the most intimate times.

The Culture Councillor Raquel Belmonte, who was present at the show’s inauguration, is very keen for her department to maintain Mojácar’s high art profile by keeping two exhibition halls open all year round and broadening the cultural programme, especially during the summer.

For those visiting Gonzalo Silván’s show, there is also the chance to see “Confluencias Mojaqueras”, another exhibition at the town’s Castillo gallery which runs until the end of July. It features paintings, sculptures and crafts with a strong Mojácar theme by 15 artists including Vicente Heca, Juan Gallardo, Carmen Cano, Ruiz Ruiz and Emilio Pérez.

Again, just another example of the wide range of cultural activities on offer to residents and visitors alike, as well as some alternative ways to pass away the hot summer days.