Great success for Mojácar’s Candlelit Night and hotel occupancy throughout the summer season.

Taking place at the height of the tourist season, Mojácar’s eighth Noche de las Velas was an even greater success this year and according to estimates from the organisers, the Local Police and the bus company shuttling everyone to and from the pueblo, around 14,000 came along.

Each year sees improvements for both locals and visitors to enjoy, bringing a well-deserved fame to an event that is now a highlight in the summer calendar, when 6,000 candles light up the quaint streets and corners of the beautiful historic Old Town.
Live music on the squares and unique street entertainment with the chance to enjoy gazing into the Mediterranean skies are another part of the attraction that draws thousands of people, who can also enjoy some good food or a drink at one of the attractive bars and restaurants before strolling around the numerous interesting shops.
This huge amount of people brings a significant boost to the business economy, not only on the night, but over the weekend that followed as many visitors stayed to discover more about the uniqueness of Mojácar Pueblo, as well taking some time to make some purchases. According to Antonio Rodriguez, President of Mojácar Pueblo’s Business Association, The Night of the Candles has a very positive impact for them all, with hotels being very nearly full and restaurants and bars packed until the early hours.
The number of tourists coming to Mojácar, however, is increasing every year and not only for special events, fiestas or the high summer, as this June saw an increase of 10% compared to the previous year. For certain, the effect of this growth has been experienced by the Tourist Office in the Old Town, with 20,143 visitors since January plus an additional 5,350 for July, counted three days before the close of the month.
During the first half of July, hotel occupancy was averaging above 90%, in contrast to some other destinations where operators have been forced to offer discounts for the high season. Many of the town’s hotels have a high online rating and a large number have been given the SICTED quality award, offering a level of quality through their continuous improvements that makes Mojácar with its numerous attractions, an ideal tourist destination.