“Más que pintura” Art Show in Mojácar

A stimulating exhibition of artworks under the name “Mas Que Pintura” (More Than Painting) has opened in Mojácar’s Municipal Art Centre, “La Fuente”, with a collection of over one hundred works by three local artists. Anika Poort, Bernice Willis and Didi Arias are exhibiting their works, which are full of life and sensitivity, with a very prominent role given to animals and nature.

Anika Poort regards herself as self-taught, although she has worked with different professionals artists for more than 10 years. Her landscapes uniquely capture peace and tranquillity, atmospheres that only nature can provide. Like many other artists who have worked in Mojácar, Anika brings out the locality’s contrasting light and shade above all other influences, when she is in front of her canvas.

Bernice Willis, a professional painter, also shares in Mojácar’s light and colours as inspiration, which give the extra dimension to her work.

An internationally recognized artist and a well-liked local figure, she is an animal lover, shown in her portraits of dogs and cats. She regularly collaborates with Mojácar’s animal protection association, “PAWS” /”PATAS” as well as the “Galgos del Sol” charity, the elegant dogs she brilliantly brings to life in her paintings.

This artist has shown her solidarity by donating several paintings in the exhibition to raise funds for the associations she is involved with.

Didi Arias, a long time Mojácar resident, has had a very eclectic background, covering a wide range of experience in teaching, art, writing and dance.

These interests are also reflected in her works, which have been described from elegant and moving to fanciful and surprising.

There are works in all kinds of media and materials that in these artists’ hands have discovered life and dimension. The lovely small works that are made from the simplest rescued objects are remarkable, and especially striking.

The exhibition runs until the end of June and, all the works on display are for sale.