Mojácar´s municipal sport school term ends

The Mojácar Municipal Sports School’s year has ended with a mass gathering at the town’s football ground including students, parents and representatives from Mojácar Town Council.

More than three hundred students with ages ranging from three to over 80 gathered at the Rio Abajo stadium to collect their “merit of sports participation” medal that the Council presents each year to all students who have attended the School’s various disciplines.

Eight sporting disciplines are offered in Mojácar for lovers of sport and healthy living: paddle tennis, pre-sports games, rhythmic gymnastics, swimming, senior exercise, and finally, and more numerous, football in all its categories.

Mojácar Councillor for Sports, Ana García, said that the Council intends to expand the range sporting activities each year, whilst continuing to encourage and support existing ones.

The prize giving ended with everyone joining some fun games, eagerly awaiting the next year of courses, starting in September. In the meantime, the Summer Sports School will open in July with activities for all ages.