The Mayor of Mojácar receives preschoolpupils from the Bartolomé Flores Public School

With the Constitution Day festivity just around the corner, preschool pupils from the Bartolomé Flores Public School have been received by the Mayor of Mojácar, Rosa María Cano

The centre’s very youngest, 123 in total, aged between three and five years old, got to know the Mayor and the work of the local council in the municipality on a pleasant visit, joined by their teachers.
The centre’s teachers wanted their pupils to know first-hand, not only the significance of the Constitution, but also wanted to broaden their explanations to what the different administrations mean in everyday life. The local council, as the nearest administration, its departments and the work of the civil servants.
The pre-school pupils wrote a letter to their Mayor and gave her a gift of a box of chocolates, and they did not waste the opportunity to make a very special request: swings and a slide for the school playground on which to have fun at break time.
In turn, the Mayor gave them all a fun pencil with a rubber in the shape of a dolphin, which went down very well with them all.
Finally, a family photo of the pupils and teachers with the Mayor at the doors of the Town Hall which will serve as a memory of a very special day for the Bartolomé Flores Centre preschool pupils.