Mojácar completes course for youngsters

Mojácar completes course for youngsters on leisure and free time regeneration

Mojácar has recently completed a “Dinamizador de Ocio y Tiempo Libre” course, organized by the Sports and Youth Department of the Diputación Provincial de Almería and Mojácar Town Council.

The course began last November at Mojácar’s “Rey Alabez” School and, concluded last weekend with the diploma presentations after the successful completion of the course.

The diplomas were presented by Ana García, Mojácar Councillor for Sports, and Ángeles Martínez from the Diputación Sports and Youth Department.

21 3rd and 4th grades students, aged between 14 and 15, attended the course.

The course was aimed at meeting the training needs of young people in the town by providing the human and material resources to promote learning, self esteem, workplace training, and other experiences that will help them access the labour market.

Emphasis on group motivation, sports regeneration along with leisure and free time projects were amongst the objectives promoted through the skills of the organizers.
As the sessions have been so well received by the participating students, Mojácar Council has been encouraged to ask for more new courses. At the request of the students, Councillor Raquel Belmonte hopes to organize a theatre course for next summer.