Am I allowed to walk my dog on the beach?

The Junta de Andalucía has banned animals from all the province’s beaches during the entire swimming season.

The purpose of this ban is to prevent and control the problems and dangers that animals can cause to both people and facilities. Therefore, it is prohibited to take any type of animal onto the beach between 31 March and 31 October each year.

However, guide dogs are permitted to go to and from the seafront or from the parking areas, to the seasonal facilities (including the beach), as long as they are accompanied by the officially recognized user. These animals must be accredited and identified as guide dogs for people with disabilities.

This specific presence of animals on the beaches and on the walkways is subject to compliance with the safety and sanitary conditions and rules of citizen coexistence relating to animal ownership established in the beach ordinances.

The guide dog owner or user is held responsible for the animal’s actions, damages to people, articles and the environment in general, as well as any stipulated fines.

During the period from 1 November to 30 March, when animals are allowed on the beaches, their handlers must take care to prevent them from defecating on the beach. At all times, the person in charge of the animal is obliged to collect and remove the excrement and to clean any part of the public walkway that has been affected.

The level of fines applied for contravening the regulation depends on the relevant Municipal Ordinance on animal ownership and any other applicable regulations.