Mojácar convenes the II National Moors & Christians marches composition competition

The “Al-Mosaquer” Moors & Christians General Association, organiser, together with Mojácar Council of the Moors & Christians festivities, convenes the II National Composition of Moors & Christians Marches Competition, with the commitment to create and publicise festive music, from originality and exclusivity, and with the aim of contributing new Moors & Christians marches to the musical repertoire of these festivities.

The type of festive music sought in this second edition of the competition will be the Christian March, dedicated to the “Al-Mosaquer” Moors & Christians Association and its Moors & Christians festivities, which are celebrated in June every year.
Any person, adult, resident or not in Spain, can take part in this competition.
The established prizes are 1,000 euros for the first-placed march prize, awarded by the “Al-Mosaquer” Moors & Christians General Association. The second prize is 500 euros, and is awarded by Mojácar Council.
Participants can submit as many works as they wish, as long as they are original, unpublished compositions, not previously released and appropriate to the competition requirements.
The jury will especially rate originality, attainable performance for an amateur-level music band with a minimum of instruments, as usually take part in the festivities processions.
The recommended duration of the march will be from 4-6 minutes, with the formal, compositional aspect, instrumentation and orchestration of a march of these characteristics.
The works will be presented in an envelope containing five paper copies of the general part and one paper copy of the parts. It must also be accompanied by a digital file on a CD or USB memory stick, with the work in PDF format and a MIDI audio file or similar.
The deadline for the admission of compositions will be the 23rd of January 2024 and the works must be sent to the Moors & Christians General Association.

El plazo de admisión de composiciones finalizará el 23 de Enero de 2024 y las obras se deben enviar a la Asociación General de Moros y Cristianos.