Mojácar Council Expands Beach Police Service



Mojácar Council Expands Beach Police Service

Mojácar Council has stepped up safety and assistance on their beaches throughout the tourist season, with the implementation of a beach patrol along the 17 km of coast using an all-terrain “Polaris” vehicle.

Emmanuel Agüero, Councillor for Tourism and Security, considers this as a further effort on the part of the municipality to give the town’s beaches a new service that will ensure everyone on the beach has a relaxed, carefree time.

The Beach Police will be there to provide assistance to those either on the Paseo Marítimo or enjoying Mojácar’s sun, sea and sand. They are also there to support the lifeguards, reinforce local police security and ensure people are following the beach rules.

Mojácar’s beaches have 4 blue flags this year awarded by the international organization ADEAC along with a number of improvements including; new boardwalks and services for disabled such as water chairs and showers, first aid stations, ambulance attendance and aquatic rescue vehicles. Also, this season, there are 24 lifeguards monitoring beach safety and ensuring that everyone is observing the warnings given by the coloured flags.

Mojácar Council’s initiative in adding these new officers has been very well received by those on the beach. The patrols are set to continue until mid-September, although they may be extended if the beaches remain busy.