Mojácar Council organized free guided visits, in both Spanish and English

Mojácar celebrates International Tourism Day

As a way of marking International Tourism Day, Mojácar Council organized free guided visits, in both Spanish and English, to show off the historic part of the Old Town.

The tours were carried out by DayToursAlmería, whose official guides put together itineraries and tours, not only for the most emblematic places of the province and capital, but also for those places that are rather less well-known but have maintained their traditions and soul.

The idea was warmly received on the day with more participants turning up than anticipated, requiring extra groups for both languages. Lots of photographs were taken along the way of points of interest such as the Mirador del Castillo, the Arco de la Ciudad, the Arrabal and the Church. However, the most dramatic spot for everyone was the Plaza Nueva with its spectacular views, from which the sea and Mojácar la Vieja along to Valle de las Pirámides can be seen, backed by the hills of Cabrera, Bédar and Almagrera.

Emmanuel Agüero, Mojácar’s Councillor for Tourism, stressed how important sustainable tourism is as a means of growth and development and, for all the international events organized by his team this year. He added how this aspect of work and the contribution that tourism makes to sustainable development is without question, saying, “the Council and my Department have invested a lot of time collaborating with the companies involved in Mojácar’s tourism for a long time in order to place our Town in a leading position within the competitive world of tourism.”
In recent years, Mojácar has been awarded an increasing number of international accolades such as Blue Flags for its beaches, Tourism Quality Seals as well as being included as one of the Most Beautiful Towns of Spain and the World. All are acknowledgments of the sound work that has been done by their local Tourism Department.